Monday, October 06, 2003

I have a ton of yarn coming over the next couple weeks. I went a little crazy, and ordered FAR MORE yarn than I really should have. And a swift, to boot. But I'm really excited about it. Tonight I'm considering casting on for a few sample stitches of MY wedding shawl. Once I'm unemployed I need to really, really work on Jenn's wedding shawl, and the one I had HOPED to wear to her wedding. The first of November is creeping up faster and faster....

I started a new kureyon diagonal scarf, possibly for another stepsister or something. I may keep it myself, but then, maybe I should make one to match the Rosedale I'm planning...I asked the guys at threadbear to let me know when they get their Noro in, so that I can order what I need for Rosedale.

I am hoping to start the wave and shell shawl for Matt's grammy soon. I have some mohair yarn that I thought of using, but I may get something else, something synthetic, so that it isn't really a high maintenance thing.

I'm also really curious to know when the mouseathon raffle is going to happen...I have bad luck with winning things, so I kinda doubt I'll win something, but I am really curious.

Alright, another slack, no pictures entry, but I hope to fix that soon!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

I'm getting full in the swing of holiday knitting. At least in my head, I am.

too busy for more of an entry, just some links.

keyboard biologist

other links:
gorgeous brooches
knitter's symbol fonts - link thanks to creative soul confessions
apple laine handpaints...i want some!

potential christmas presents to knit:
* blackberry ridge's a week in the life of a knitter's cat scarves, made out of silk or mohair blend yarn
* heritage cotton rayon yarn and silk rayon...possibly the landscape shawl?
* cherry tree hill laceweight merino