Monday, September 30, 2002

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what i ordered from one fine yarn:

IV_SUM02 Interweave knits summer 2002 1

IV_win0102 Interweave knits winter 2001/2002 1

IV_FALL01 Interweave Knits fall 2001 1

PY_S089 Plymouth Sockotta pattern - lacy scarf and socks 1

SOCKOTTA05 Plymouth Sockotta 05 summer 3

SG_31 Noro Silk Garden 31 1

ADR_FLAKE_40 Adriafil Flake 40 pastels 4

Shipping: USPS Priority or UPS ground: $5.50
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $75.31

Sunday, September 29, 2002

I should not have worn a skirt today. I'm freezing. Bored, too. I'm resisting the urge to start the new pair of socks in Circus. They should be lightning fast to knit, but I am making myself finish my first pair of socks, and also Kai's hat before I start anything new. I think that I'm going to make a lot of Christmas presents this year. This will be the year of the Knit-Gifts! I have a few scarves in mind to make, and I wonder who will be the lucky recipients...I'm also thinking of making some slippers/socks. Don't think that Nick will end up with pirate slippers. I just can't find a pattern I can modify enough. I need a pattern that has a section on the top of the slipper in stockinette, so I can either chart or stitch over a skull and crossbones pattern. Hmm...What I like best is the Debbie Bliss booties I knit for Madison that ended up WAY too big. But I'm not sure. I might just make a pair of socks with skull and crossbone detail...

On a separate crafty note...those flat pants on Domestic Sphere look like a cute, non threatening gift for Kai...I need to get that kid's measurements!

sweater pattern I might ACTUALLY be able to make for myself

kool-aid dyeing

No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting, by Anne L. Macdonald

I want this knit sack.

tonight's yarn lust topic - looks like similar palette and composition to Circus....

Friday, September 27, 2002

legwarmer pattern

another knit blog, or two...ok, three

Oh yay!! is FINALLY up!!!

another crafty blog, with tons of links have some nice kits. Expensive, but nice.

OMG. The perfect pattern for Matt. Too bad it's extra-spicy.

one more knitting blog link. promise. (i think this one is a duplicate anyway.)

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Finished Projects of 2002:

scarf for nicole, started in fall 2001 as a xmas gift that ended up being a birthday present. the scarf was striped w/ 2 colors of chenille yarn. one color was a burgundy, and one color was a dark blue w/ burgandy flecks. i knit it on my size 10 bamboo needles, which i love. added some fringe. this yarn shed a lot, and i probably wouldn't use it again if i knew the name, which i don't since i got the yarn out of the bargain bin at my LYS. Sadly, I mailed this off to my sister before i took a picture. Or i took a picture on the digital camera i got for christmas, and then erased it accidentally.

assorted baby projects for my niece madison. finished two pairs of cro-hook booties, one HUGE pair of booties that will prolly fit her as slippers when she's 4 from debbie bliss, a small hat from debbie bliss, and one more pair of booties in that supersoft plymouth baby dk w/ microfiber.

Viking Patterns for Knitting

toe-up sock info

sockguy's other talents

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I'm such a knitting geek. I stayed up last night working on the sock...I just HAD to see how the heel turned out. I was thrown off a little by what I think (hope) is a mis-typed number, so had to see if it was going to be okay. I really think it is. I was also feeling guilty about delaying Kai's hat...but I think I have time to finish this sock first and then get back to the bear hat. I've got at least two weeks. I need to prioritize my projects. I think the slippers are going to take just too damn long. Maybe a pirate Christmas stocking? Actually, that idea has a ton of merit...I'll get back to it later. The tank top has ceased to be interesting, but at least it's fast. And of course, the baby blanket. I want to make a scarf for Matt, but need to settle on a pattern and order some yarn.

Got a huge bag of yarn from the yarn fairy. I need to find out where she got it from, and whether she wants the granny squares back. If not, then I think I'll need to make some plain crochet or knitted squares to finish off the afghan, and then either return it to her, or donate it to charity. Some of the yarn I'm going to donate to Day for learning and the kids, and some of it, well, most, I'm going to keep!

Matt said he wouldn't wear anything handknit, and I rebut him by saying that he wears the scarf that his ex made him.

ooooh...michaels contest

and a yarn/knitting book

berroco skirt pattern - and a turtleneck shell pattern

cool sweater pattern from rebecca-online

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I've started Kai's hat, and also a sock. Deco-ribbon scarf, too, but I'm not sure I like how its coming out. I don't want to rip it again because the yarn is all crinkled now. Maybe I'll pick up another ball and just make a really, really, really, LOOOOONG scarf. And another ball of fizz to make a fizz striped scarf. I do love how soft it is. Maybe a hat? So many projects, so little time. I need to take some pictures and put them up. Maybe actually seeing only 20% of my sister's tank done will motivate me....and the 30% completed baby blanket....and the 10% complete slippers...and so on....