Thursday, April 24, 2003

Lots to say about knitting, too tired to do it. Almost done w/ Mexico sock #1, picked up some yarn at Webs, and ordered a lot from Patternworks. We'll see how well this order goes. I'm going to be going on a stash diet very soon, because hopefully I'm getting a car! So I ran up one more credit card bill, and now I'm going to see if I can go without shopping for yarn until at least the end of June.
Wish me luck!

(luck on the car, and the stash diet. I am so freaking out about the car thing...)



* - buttons

* various knitting hints (got this from one of the knitlists...purls perhaps?)

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Last night at work I got 1/2 the shawl fringed. Instead of working on it more, I'm racing through Mexico sock #1. After lunch, though, I think I'll go back to the shawl. It would be so nice to get it done.

Started wonton#2 for my friend Rachel last night. Virgil likes his so much he lost it within 4 hours. That's a good sign that he likes a toy. It means that he's played with it so vigorously that it got stuck under something.

And in completely random news - I, rather Matt, found the pair of red wool-ease socks that I knit for my mom. They have been missing for 8 months. They were stuck in one of the blankets we have lying around. Matt was picking up blankets to put away for the spring, and he found them stuck in one of them when he was refolding it. Now I just need to weave in some ends and send them to Mom. I had seriously given up on ever finding them.

Ooh, reading Ann's blog about using Labrador...reminds me of this yarn I got on sale, a thick and thin online yarn, the # of which I can't remember. I got 2 balls, which turned out to be not enough for anything. I'm thinking that with a ball of Labrador, I can make this scarf, and stripe it. We shall see. Hmmm...maybe limeade stripes...something about purple and green is very appealing.


* Swedish knitting site - in English!. I love this sweater.

* Bair Isle

Monday, April 21, 2003

I've never quilted before, but I need to make this T-shirt quilt. I have too many t-shirts that are just not wearable anymore, but too many memories to throw them out. I remember when I was little, my sister and I would wear our parents t-shirts as nightdresses during the summer time. I remember wearing my dad's Boston Celtics shirt, and my mom's crew shirt, and field hockey, and lots of other extra-curricular Wellesley shirts. I would ask her what each one meant, and she'd say, "Oh, this was from when I was on Intramural Crew...crew is when you are in a long thin boat and you all row at the same time. Like in the movies, when they say, 'stroke! stroke!' We used to do crew on the Charles River in Boston."

This entry makes me miss my mom. I saw her on Saturday, and showed her all my knitting projects. She didn't seem tooo interested (my sister can't wait for me to teach her again), but then she sent me an email today saying that she was impressed by the sock - she wanted to know if it was hard using such tiny needles.

I've been busy trying to make up a birthday list, and I've decided - I need a swift, too. It would make winding that huge nasty hank of ebay yarn into balls SOOO much easier.
Finished the homespun shawl...well, almost. It desperately needs fringe. I don't think that often, but it does. Trust me on this. Last night I finished a wonton for Virgil. Pics of that when it's daylight.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

I'm considering making the Baby Norgi in an attempt to a) use up some stash and b) learn some new techniques. I wonder how well steeking works with acrylic yarn? It isn't quite as "sticky" as wool. Practice for Matt's Dale of Norway project in the far future.

I bought some more yarn for Kool-Aid dyeing today. I don't know what I'm going to do with all this bits of yarn. I think some more socks, of my own design even? Who knows. But it will be full of eye-popping kool-aid color. I've got grape and orange from my local 7-11. I also bought even MORE buttons for the baby sweater. I think I'm going to sew on the pretty ceramic ones, and send the plastic as "just in case" with some extra yarn. I'll try to knit a hat and socks to go with it, but mail those separately.
You will never, ever guess what I did last night.

I finished the never ending baby sweater.

Of course, by finish I mean that I bound off and just need to block, seam, and attach buttons, but seriously, I can do that all tomorrow. I am SO thrilled that I got this done.

To celebrate, I immediately cast on for a tank top in cotton twist - I'm not adding those shiny silver things, though. I'm trying to modify the pattern to do it in the round, as I hate purling cotton. By the way, I cast on 276 stitches at 2:45 a.m. That's how excited I was to be done with the baby sweater!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

whoa. I WANT this set. Looks like it would take forever to knit, though. I also desperately want to make janda. I need some pullover sweaters to get me through the damp Massachusetts spring. If only my needles that I ordered two weeks ago would get here. Then I could start that top-down Aspen raglan I have planned...

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Last night I cast on for another pair of socks. I won't even tell you how many pairs I have started right now (okay, I will, 3 pairs and 2 singletons), but somehow those new Swallow dpn's were screaming for some socks. And since I did have some needle-less self-patterning yarn around (Mexico, maybe? something Fortissima and rainbow-y) I decided to cast on. And I'm really enjoying it for some reason.

I feel like my startitis is disgusting at this point - I need to finish SOMETHING but I have so many long term projects going that it's hard to feel motivated. Really the only thing that has a deadline is Kris's Slytherin Scarf, and the deadline for that is June 21st, when the next Harry Potter comes out. I guess I can say that I'd like to finish Bella by my birthday (late May) and the tabby socks by Matt's birthday (late June). And I need to finish that stinking baby sweater.

[Rant on] Grumpy about a recent yarn order. I ordered from one online vendor, whose site did not have any notices about being behind, or anything. The email from my order said that I would be notified by email when my order shipped. After 2 weeks, I had still not received an email saying that my order shipped, so I emailed back customer service and asked (very politely) if they knew when it might ship. I got a reply stating that all my components were in stock, but that they haven't shipped yet. What irked me most was this quote:

"We are very behind. The entire industry is swamped...retailers and wholesalers alike."

Well, maybe other retailers are behind. But no one I ordered from. I placed 4 orders recently, and 3 of them I received within 5 to 7 business days. The other one still hasn't shipped in over 2 weeks. This does not sound like the entire industry to me. I think that one line made me mad. "We are very behind" is well and good. "We have doubled the size of our shipping group" is even better. Putting in that one line about the whole industry being swamped sounds too much like an excuse, rather than a real apology.

Okay, [rant off].

no knitting related links today. Instead, I will tempt you with a link to two of my obessions in one - a bag with office supplies in it.

I desperately need this bag.

Monday, April 14, 2003

These are beautiful, but I can't begin to comprehend doing intarsia in cotton. I feel I would need something sticky. Thanks to Michelle for putting this link in her post today.

I got my order from today. My word, but they are fast! Nothing big, just the pattern for the landscape shawl (been dying to make one forever) and some swallow dpn's. I think that the 9" length may be a *bit* much, but I was thinking about making that roll-brim sock yarn hat - if only I could remember where I saw it! Does anyone remember where that free pattern is? It shows a roll brim hat, with an inch or so of ribbing, made out of self-patterning sock yarn. I've googled the hell out of it, and I must not be entering the magic words.

* Cascade sock link

* cute baby set from sock yarn, at the bottom

* sock kits

* little turtle knits

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Well, I didn't finish the baby sweater. I didn't even knit all that much.

Friday was spent (9 am to 5:30 pm) picking up components for the new bed, and then putting it together. We had to go down to Connecticutt to pick up the mattress from the manufacturer, and then bring it home, then go back to CT to get the bed frame, and bring it home. We then had to take apart the bed that was in the bedroom, move it to the computer room, put it together again, and then put together the NEW bed. In between, we ate lunch, and did several loads of laundry - bed linens, mostly. Then off to dinner and hanging out with friends.

If you want to see what it's like, this is the new bed.

Friday night I watched Real Genius in the computer room while Matt geeked out on his computer. I got two pattern repeats done on the Conwy sock. I really love the Lorna's Laces yarn. It's soooo soft.

Saturday I read, cleaned, and did laundry. I did wind up a ball of Tartellette, and made a huge mess doing it, too. Luckily, not much yardage means there is a limit to must how big of a mess one skein can make, and I did get it finished, no thanks to the cat. Then off to dinner with other friends. Indian food, ice cream, and beer at The Tunnel Bar. Home in time for Trading Spaces and The King of Iron Chefs.

I have made a ton of progress on the homespun shawl, almost done w/ one skein of yarn. And it's homespun, so it's kind of a lot. I did pick up Bella last night, and had a very very very scary moment. There was a bug on one of the balls of Lush. It looked like an inchworm, but orange, not green. I'm kinda freaked out. I have just enough wool to be alarmed at any bug infestation. Most of it is in either Tupperware or a cabinet, but I might need to get some more cedar blocks, just in case.

links from the lists:

* The Spring Garden Maze Shawl
* Boxy Silk Window Purse Kit
* toe possibilities
Note: This entry should have been posted last Thursday, the 10th, but I got too busy.

Brought the homespun shawl into work today. Usually I work on either the Slytherin Scarf or Matt's tabby socks, but I decided I need something with bigger needles. Plus, the shawl keeps my lap warm. I'm really looking forward to finishing this. It'll probably stay at work - my office has HORRIBLE climate control.

This weekend I'm looking for some good knitting time - Matt has his 1st edition D&D game with the guys on Saturday, which means I have the day to watch movies he wouldn't like and knit! I have a few movies from netflix that I need to watch and return - Velvet Goldmine and The Pillow Book. I've seen The Pillow Book before, and I loved it. I've been meaning to see Velvet Goldmine forever. So I can have a mini-Ewan
party. I can always round it out with Moulin Rouge.

I should probably use this chunk of time to finish and seam the neverending baby sweater. I am sooooo close to being finished. But I am sooooo tired of it.

P.S. for Amber - Hope you and A. had good birthdays this past weekend!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I've been bogged down by crappy job lately, and not posting much about knitting. I am getting quite a bit done, though.

Bella is temporarily on hold, due to my insane allergies to spring (or should I say winter?). I am already sneezing and snuffling enough, I don't care to throw angora fluff into the mix along with it.

The neverending baby sweater is, well, neverending, as are the neverending slytherin scarf and neverending tabby socks. I am making astonishing progress on all my non-vital, non-gift projects, though. The Kureyon bag is 80% finished, needs one more strap, some seams, and felting. The homespun shawl is coming right along, and I've done enough repeats on the Conwy socks to determine that they are going to look like cute little braids once I've got them going.

At my mom's wedding, I spoke with my uncle and found out one cousin is having a boy, and the other is having a girl. The boy is due in June, I think, and the girl in August. I'm 70% done with a hat for the boy, and would like to at least get 2 pairs of booties/socks done too. As for the girl, I can probably finish the 70% completed sweater and get it to her mom in time for her birth. I do love this baby sweater, and am wondering if I could possibly finish the 9 month size in time for my 8 month old niece to wear it...probably not.

Right now I'm really enjoying my knitting, and the whole lack of posting is more related to a general lack of posting across all my blogs. I think of tons of things to write about in the shower, but sadly, I do not have internet access there.

finally, some links!

* Oh dear god! Did you know that some boys knit? (warning: this article mentions that not only is knitting not just for grandmothers, but it might be the new yoga!)

* San Juan Islanders' Scarves and yarn, from somewhere on the webring

* the butterfly shawl, being discussed on the Ample Knitters list

* free patterns (mostly socks), linked from KnitDad

* more shawls from

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I cast on for a new project last night. Just a simple homespun triangle shawl. I was able to successfully read and knit at the same time while working on it! Once you get halfway through a hardcover, it will stay open on its own.

I've gotten about 20 rows of the slytherin scarf done this week at work, and I'm mostly done with the soon-to-be-felted Kureyon bag. I'm pretty sure that the fabric will come out fragile, even felted, so I'm begging Matt for some t-shirts to use as linings. Maybe I'll even get around to using that sewing machine of my mom's that I begged her to give me.

This week is kind of crazy because my mom is getting married this weekend. She and Bob have been together for 10 years, and finally moved into the same house this past summer. They never moved in together previous to that because Bob is significantly older than my mother, and felt like since his daughter was grown up, he didn't really want to raise anymore kids. Once the three of us were all off to college (and beyond), he and mom bought a house together. It's a great house, and they seem to be doing well. Bob is very, well, set in his ways, and that's another reason he and Mom didn't really try to live together before. But they are now, and they're getting married, and honestly, I can't wait. It will be weird referring to Bob as my stepfather. He's always just been "Mom's Bob." Anyway, this is so not knitting related. Sorry about that. I guess I just wanted to explain what's on my mind, other than knitting.

And, the wedding means I'll get to see Nana. And show her my projects. The woman who taught me to knit, all those years ago.

Amber pointed out something funny, which I had never realized before. I know I "knit funny." Not really any style, closer to English/American/whatever than Continental, but hardly any style. Amber looked over at me this weekend and said, "You knit like you are crocheting." Which sounds weird, but is exactly true. I guess it's because I crocheted first, or because Nana is a crocheter and a knitter, but whatever it is, that's what it looks like when I'm knitting.

Funny thing is, I don't crochet.