Friday, February 29, 2008

Where is that book?

We moved not too long ago, and now a lot of my knitting stuff is in storage. We also had to get rid of a lot of stuff, due to moths (I know! So depressing!). Now the only thing I really want is to make Charlotte a striped raglan sweater like I made for Hunter when he was born, but I don't remember where the book is. I *think* I lent it to someone a while ago, because it's the Dale book with the striped raglan sweater and also the hoodie with the zipper up the back. But I don't remember the cover and I don't remember the number, and I really want to replace it.

My next stop is to search Ravelry and see if anyone else has made that striped sweater and maybe mentions the book.

Wish me luck.

ETA: Found it!!! Hooray, Ravelry! Dalegarn # 142 has the pattern I'm looking for. And it looks like so does #135. Given the familiarity of other patterns I'm seeing from #135, I think that's the one I had. I'm off to ebay and Patternworks.