Thursday, October 31, 2002

I'm kinda dressed up today. I'm wearing fuzzy slippers, and the bear hat that was SUPPOSED to be for the nephew, but is way too big. I also knit myself some "bear cuffs" to cover my wrists and knuckles, which match the hat. They are pretty warm. I think I should knit a less bulky version to wear at work anyway.

I'm almost done w/ my sister's circus socks. I definitely needed the second skein. I'm hoping to make a pair of short socks out of the skein that is left over. I think I might give Nicole her socks this weekend, seeing as she's had such a crappy week.

Need to do serious work on the second red sock, Jenn's scarf, and the second pair of Regia socks.

socks and more socks

Ah, the Thursday Thumb Twiddler

1. Would you prefer to have had more or fewer sexual partners in your life?

Hmm. I can think of one specific person I would rather have not slept with. And a few who I wish I did. So I guess that averages out to more.

2. You accidentally come across your teenager's diary. If you choose to, you can read it without anyone ever knowing. Do you? What if it were your spouse's?

I like to think I wouldn't read my child's diary. But, to be brutally honest with myself, I probably would. As for spouse, again, probably. I am always dying to know if more is going on his head then he lets on...

3. You work for an ad agency, and the assignment is to come up with a slogan to get people to eat more fish. What would you suggest?

Fish - It's not just for food poisoning any more!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Yesterday the car broke down, which was bad, but I got craploads of knitting in, which was good. Finished Mom's Red Sock, and the pair of bearcuffs.

a knit/fiber blog

easy sleeveless sweater

sock heel info

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Don't feel like knitting today, too hung over. I missed the Friday Five, too. But I got a lot done on Mom's red sock, and found a link for 2 circular needle socks.

one hour scarf, and the ribbon shawl

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I [heart] the sock yarn palette [/heart]. Especially considering that I love socks at the moment. I haven't really failed a sock yet, even though I'm only one pair, one singleton, and one half-new sock into sock knitting. I think its the dpn's, and the complete lack of seaming (grafting sucks, but doesn't really count). I'm in love with the toe-up pattern I chose, but w/ tiny yarn...72 stitches on size 1 needles actually hurts my wrists after a while. It makes the 48 stitches on size 3's seem like a breeze, and the 24 stitches on size 11's are a joke! Isn't it nice to have so much variety!

My current most desperate project is the bear cuffs to match the failed bear hat. Those + improvised brown pants = Work Safe Halloween Costume. It will be a little cutesy, but warm.

I'm working on Mom's Red Wool-Ease socks at work, and they are coming along swimmingly on the Swallow size 3 dpn's. It's a free pattern I got at Michaels, and I hated the garter check at first, but now that I have several rows done it looks pretty good. And I have TONS of Wool-Ease in Cranberry, so I can make them a little longer than the Regia socks. I do so love how soft those socks are getting! Even Matt thinks they are really soft, to the point where I said, "So, do you want a pair?" he said, "Well, maybe."

Phew. This is going to be a long entry today, because I am not tired of writing about knitting/yarn yet.

I think the major problem w/ the toe-ups is that I hate, hate, hate the yarn. I hate it in the lace scarf, and I hate it on the sock. Plus, size 2's seem like they would be too big, but 1's are splitting the yarn. Could be that the Brittanys, though. Bought the set before I heard all those scathing remarks about Brittany size 1 dpns. I do like the fabric that is being created, and I might even buy more Sockotta yarn someday...but never in this color. So much uglier than I ever thought possible. Maybe some blues.

I'm strongly considering ripping the baby afghan I started for Madison and completely starting over. I desperately want to make her one, but I keep sucking at it. Maybe if I just do a simple something w/ two yarns held together? I just don't know.

I guess that's enough for now. I've gotten it out of my system. :)

Thursday Thumb Twiddler

1. If you were able to take a one-month trip anywhere in the world, with money and vacation time no object, where would you go and what would you do?

This is one of my favorite questions! I have a pat and perfected answer here, but here is the quick and dirty: I would go to Brazil and work with the children and mothers there. Educate the mothers about breastfeeding and water boiling, and help the children any way I can. Either that, or go and work in an inner city day care, HeadStart, or after school program. How about a knitting program afterschool? Or dancing and stretching?

2. How do you react to people who talk loudly while the movie is playing?

Sigh loudly, and hope they'll get the point. Maybe hiss "sshhh!" if I'm heartily annoyed.

3. What meal do you look forward to the most?

I like the meal/snack at the end of my work week, when I get home, and curl up on the couch with something tasty, and know that I don't have to go to work the next day.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Just a bunch of links...

tips on wrapping heels

knitting geek's socks and shawls...

sock pattern

oz yarn has free patterns

I started Mom's red socks w/ grey heels and toes. I'm not sure I like the wool-ease free pattern. It has garter stich checks, and while I think they will be fine for Mom, Bob's socks w/ be plain. I think I'm in love with socks. And scarves. My Koigu came today. Well, I think its mine. It might end up being Matt's...I got about 60% of my Patternworks order. Unfortunately, all the stuff that's back ordered is the stuff I wanted to work on right away...

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I want to make a cardigan for Madison for Christmas. Maybe I'll try the pattern from Either that or the one in the old Interweave Knits that I have. I'm thinking of using Kool Wool, perhaps in Melon. Will have to see what I can find...

Friday, October 18, 2002

Very little actual knitting content today. We got a fabulous new cat from the shelter. His name is Virgil, and he's wonderful. I started the second Circus sock, and finished the second horn on the devil hat. That's about it for knitting. Oh, and I unravelled and hid Jenn's scarf - I think I'll wait for the size 13's to come, and try knitting it in a stockinette with the occaisional purl line for contrast.

1. How many TVs do you have in your home?

one plugged in, one unplugged

2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?

ooh, tricky question. I probably actively watch about, oh, 10 hours a week? But I frequently have the tv on BBC America or TLC for background noise while I knit or read. I think I would do that less if our stereo actually worked.

3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?

I feel that too much television is definitely a bad thing. Having worked in Day Care, and as a nanny, I can also say that there are times when it is ESSENTIAL for you (and the kids) to be able to turn on the tv or put in a tape for half an hour until you all can deal with each other again. I don't like it when kids know the channel line-up, and what shows are on when, but knowing that Friday night is movie night, or if Mom needs quiet time, 'tubbies go on, that's okay.

4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken?

Hmm. I used to have a few shows, like Sunday night Fox that I just loved watching. Then we had no cable and only got ABC and PBS. We watched "Three guys, a girl, and a Pizza place," later known as "Three Guys and a Girl" religiously for two seasons. We also watched that other show that I can't remember, Will and Grace, Dharma and Greg....and then we got cable, and it was all Law & Order, all the time. I guess right now I would say that I love Trading Spaces, The Dead Zone, and I could very possibly fall in love with Birds of Prey.

5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?

Dinosaur shows, horse movies, foreign/indie movies, Trading Spaces/Changing Rooms, A Baby Story, Forensic Science, and a few guilty pleasesures like Three Guys and a Girl, Birds of Prey, and maybe the occaisional Wonder Years or Sister, Sister.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Wow. It's been a few days, huh? I have recovered (mostly) from the failed-bear-hat-for-kai trauma, with the help of the little demon hat. I only have one horn left to go, and it *should* fit, provided that the rim stretches a little bit more. I also finished a Circus sock, but think that I made the calf bit a little too long, and the second one is going to come up short. That's the problem with sock patterns that are one skein, when you only bought one skein...I wish I knew a good adaptable toe-up method. This and this might help. I'm also wondering if the socks might be happy with a little fulling, or if that will even work with that yarn. Oh well. They might just end up being my socks, after that horrible holey heel incident. I have plans to make cute socks for Mom and Bob, matching ones. I wanted the Circus socks to go to Nicole or Mom...maybe Nicole because they match that tank top that I keep forgetting about. Well, forgetting on purpose. I don't know how I'll ever knit a whole sweater if I get bored just doing rows of stockinette on this tank top!

I ended up missing the deadline on the Michaels contest, which makes me a little sad, but was my own fault entirely. I started a new project, a lace scarf from the Sockotta pattern. I love the pattern, and I like the feel of the yarn, but I hate (*HATE*) the colors of the yarn. It is a red/green/gold/brown ombre/space-dyed with very short even repeats, and a white binder. It looked MUCH better skeined up online. It's the first time I've ever been really disappointed by ordering yarn online. Oh well. You live, you learn, right? I would love to just finish it and dye the whole thing deep brown, but I'm not really sure how that would work, and besides, I think I'll just give it to someone I only kind of like, but want to be impressed with my work.

I ordered yarn for Kris's project, but I can even let that wait. I told her already that she's not getting a present in December for Christmas, she gets a combined present for her birthday in January. So I have a little bit of time on that. As for Nick, I finally, finally FINALLY found the perfect project for him. Now I just have to design it! I also ordered yarn for Matt's present. If I'm running late, it can always be for Valentine's day. I'll be using Kureyon for it, and I'm kind of excited. I have a skein of Silk Garden that is waiting for me to perfect feathers and fans, then be knit into a scarf.

Just found this about grafting. Why couldn't I have found this days ago?!

note to self...oh, and I do love this bag. Too bad I need another ball of DecoRibbon...

Thursday Thumb Twiddler

1. You're at a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. You find a dead cockroach in your salad. What do you do?

I would put the salad to the side, and try not to gag. No, I probably would not mention it to anyone.

2. What particular historical document (or portion thereof) do you think every person (or at least every citizen of your country) should know by heart?

Tough question. I have such a hard time memorizing things. I think the Miranda Rights are important to know, even though its not a historical document. I think that the Declaration of Independence, while stirring, is not necessary. Maybe the Bill of Rights, or perhaps the constitutional amendments. I had a great history professor in high school who had wonderful mnemonics for the amendments. I can remember that the 17th amendment is the one that proposes term limits for senators (sev-en-teen, sen-a-tor).

3. A follow-on to last week: what five TV series have or had the best theme song with lyrics?

* Cheers (it's obligatory, but good)
* Myster Science Theatre 3000

Friday, October 11, 2002

I finished the socks...finally! Not really happy with the finishing of the toes. I followed the steps for weaving the toes, but it just doesn't seem strong enough. Oh well, next pair should be better, right? And of course, after I attached the ears to Kai's hat...I just looked at it. It fits me. I have a new hat. I guess I will be making a second attempt, but not from that pattern! Though that gives me an idea for Nick...he liked the Lizard hat...


The Friday five are very hard this week, and I'm not done with them yet.

The Friday five!

1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be?

Tom Waits, beautiful Maladies (the island years)

2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be?

Dirty Dancing, The City of Lost Children

3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be?

many waters, by madeline l'engle;

4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be?

water, tortilla chips, salsa,

5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be?

* matt (obligatory, but true)
* mom
* oscar wilde

Thursday, October 10, 2002

My office is so cold. I am wearing fleece socks, a wool hat, a t-shirt, jeans, a long duster/dress, and a wool shawl (made by the S.O.'s mom for a wedding). My fingers are still practically numb. I'm drinking coffee just to keep warm, and my little clover size 2's keep falling out of my freezing fingers.

Do you feel sorry for me yet? No? Here's the next sad story:

I got cocky. I finally finished a project...but wait, there's more...I finally finished a project that a) looked like it was supposed to, b) fit the way it was supposed to, and c) looked good. That was my Regia sock #1. Then...I picked up Kai's hat to finish it. I love how fuzzy the purl side (which, it looks like from the picturs is the RS) and it's still soft after being worked for so long. It looked fine until I sewed the seam, and then Matt said, "Uh, he's not a conehead. And that's way too big." And he was right. It just looks funny. So now I have a dilemma. I'm afraid Matt's mom and Grandmother will see it at the birthday party and tell me how wrong it is. And I'm a little embarassed that it came out wonky. I followed the pattern religiously, used the right yarn and needles (its amazing how long it took me to learn that) and it just looks funny.

sigh. Two year olds hate hats anyway, right? I was hoping he'd like this one because it is very soft, and has bear ears. He could pretend while he wore it. Matt suggested that I slip it to Heidi on the way out. The other idea is that I can "forget it" at home, and mail it to Heidi and Kai later, with the disclaimer, "It came out funny and big, and he never has to wear it, but I wanted you guys to know that I really wanted to make Kai something all by myself." Which also sounds kind of lame. I am just a big knitting lame-o right now.

But on the other hand, tomorrow is looking to be good, but busy. In the morning Matt and I need to register to vote, so that we can vote against Mitt Romney (its a moral imperative) for state governer (MA). Then, we need to go to the UPS main office so that I can pick up my package from One Fine Yarn that I have been longing for. After that, I need to have a lunch ready for my crafting circle friends. So far it looks like one sewer, a knitter (me), two crocheters on for tomorrow. Later I hope to have a Saturday afternoon as well, where I'll lose a crocheter, but gain another one, and a random crafter...she has Modge Podge, and knows how to use it. After lunch and a sewing machine examination, I hope to finish my poor remaining Regia sock, so I at least have ONE finished project to show off on Saturday. Then Matt and I are off to the mall to pick up a toy for Kai's birthday, to go with the hat (maybe) and the Pooh CD we picked up in Florida.

Time for Thumb-Twiddling Thursday:

1. Does not having done something before make it more appealing, or less?

More appealing...I like new things, I like doing new things, watching new things, hearing new things, trying new things. Just not always a huge fan of eating new things, though I will eat new things if there are no fish or mushrooms involved.

2. If you could have a large stain-glass window in your house, what would you want it to depict?

Something Epic. Angels or Jesus. Angels and Jesus. Or dinosaurs.

3. A change of pace. What five TV series have or had the best instrumental theme song?

Funny you should mention that - Vegan Nick and I were discussing instrumental theme songs just yesterday. My favorites are:

* X-Files
* Magnum P.I.
* Scarecrow and Mrs. King
* I Dream of Jeannie
* Bewitched

Monday, October 07, 2002

knitting goals for today/tonight specifically:

* unravel the 5 yr old scarf (done, with thanks to Nick)
* finish the body on the Regia sock (done, and then some...8 rows of heel are done, too)
* finish crown shaping on Kai's hat

Sunday, October 06, 2002

I started photographing my WIP's with the hopes of putting them up as inspiration. I have to say that I really don't like the Cro-Knit afghan anymore...I just have to make myself finish it. I wish I had started another afghan...maybe something out of Sirdar Snowflake. Oh well. I'm hoping that a border will make it somewhat nicer. I could try a nice edged border, from the Debbie Bliss book.

Good news. Almost finished with Kai's hat. I'm at the shaping and ear-knitting stage. The Circus sock is coming right along also. It's going to be so hard to go back to that slow tank top after all these zippy little projects! I cannot wait to get my new yarn to start with socks and scarves for everyone. I definitely want to make a scarf/stole out of Eros for someone. I think if I cast it on the long way, it might go fast enough to not drive me crazy. I think that sale yarn that I picked up from Ames could probably be used instead of Homespun...I wonder if I can find a short project for it? Maybe this hat. Or this scarf.

knitting goals for the week:

By Saturday the 12th, I would like to have:

* finished the circus socks
* finished the second regia sock
* and I better have finished Kai's hat, as his party is Saturday.

Note about my Regia socks: I deliberately did not start them at the same pattern point, so that they'll be slightly different. I think it should look cool...we'll see how that works out.

I don't think I'd ever have the patience to do a whole sweater on size 3 needles! It is gorgeous, though.

nice shawl pattern for microspun...and one for some really thick socks

ooh...the tubular cast on. I need to learn it. neat hat from the same page...with additional free patterns

Friday, October 04, 2002

The Friday Five, ladies and gentlemen.

1. What size shoe do you wear?

Womens 8 1/2 wide, which works out exactly to a comfortable Men's 6, 61/2.

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

More than I wear...probably 15? But I rotate through the same 7 pairs or so.

3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)?

Sneakers. Definitely sneakers and boots, though right now I'm feeling pretty emotional about mary jane style sneakers.

4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite?

I have a few pairs. I love my old boots. I wanted a pair of Doc Martens so bad when I was in high school, but they were far too expensive. I got a pair of black work boots instead that were about $30 less, and so much more hard core. After a few years, I touched them up with a few spots of glitter nail polish. They are still around and kick ass.

I also *heart* my red platform sneakers that I got at the salvation army for $5.

5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes?

Probably about $45 for the last pair of sneakers I bought. I have shoes that probably cost more, but I got them as gifts.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I can't believe that I didn't knit at all yesterday. Hopefully I'll make up for it tonight. Gotta get those pictures up. Tomorrow I'll have a lot of free time...I should register some domain names and get some webhosting. But tonight...Circus Sock, here I come!

fuzzy galore

alternative toe finish - from the sock guy


Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Joy of joy of joys...I finished the first sock. The first sock ever.
I better cast the next one on right away, before I lose momentum.
I also managed to check off #2 on the morning's list...I'm onto the face decreases on Kai's hat, and #3, cast on the circus sock as well. It's kind of tricky right now, I'm trying not to do it backwards.
goals for the morning (knitting related):

* finish and photograph that one regia sock

* get past the ribbing and start the stockinette on kai's bear hat

* cast on the circus sock

* pack skein of yarn to start second regia sock @ work

* find some yogic stretches to get this horrible kink/stiffness out of my neck/shoulder/upper back

I should get around to the friday five some time
knitting contest at