Sunday, August 31, 2003

Had a great visit with Amber, the geekpixie. I was too lazy to go out on Saturday night, so she came to me while everyone else was gaming! We talked about everything, but quite a bit of it was knitting. There was even talk about a knitting-inspired road trip for when I'm unemployed...

What I need right now is some project priotitization...right now #1 on my list is finishing that water bottle holder...I need to perfect the pattern so I can post it for anyone interested, and see if I want to make a couple for my sister, and my buddy Kelly, and whoever. #2 is Tasha...just because I'm so close to being done that I want to be done. #3 is Jenn's wedding shawl, though that of course means I actually have to figure out what to do. I suspect it will be sideways, like the Tartelette shawl, with a stripe of gold in the's the new Berroco yarn, Quest, and it's wicked soft and liquid. I suspect I'll need bamboo needles for this puppy. The colors I'm calling copper and gold are probably "Rose Glow" and "Polished Copper" respectively. Hard to tell on my monitor.

I want to make Matt's Grammy a shawl for Christmas, and I was sniffing through my stash. I found 3 balls of Mohair Classic, in a nice sage-y color. I may end up carrying it along with something, but I'll try doing just a mohair shawl first. Perhaps even the Wave and Shell Shawl?

I still have tons of WIPS that I'd love to finish, along with all those other projects for the Christmas season. I have yet to finish a sweater for myself, so I think the easiest to get done would be the top down Aspen raglan. I dug it out of the dresser today, just in case. I'd also like to finish Matt's Noro scarf and the Wildfoote socks, so I can think of something else to make for him. Those are also dug out of the dresser. Now...if I can just find the pattern I'm following for the Aspen sweater...

Friday, August 29, 2003

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Hat Calculator
Kate, Amber, (and Sarah and Heather)...all the knitters I know in real life...I think we should have a knitalong. I don't know what...either something we all want, or something christmas present-y to get a jump on the holidays. I'm jealous of all the knitalongs going on. I want to make myself a bulky cardigan, but I think I really have other things I SHOULD be making. Scarves, mittens, etc? I have no less than 3 shawls coming up on my for Jenn, one for Matt's grammy, and one for me...

Also, for a while I'll be mirroring this at my TypePad site, which is, until I get this all worked out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Sigh, blogger is being frustrating again. This happened before...I made a bunch of template changes, saved them, republished the blog, and 24 hours later, GONE. I just added the bit of referrer code on the right, and had to add it back in this morning. Shortly I believe I'll be going over to TypePad, once I have the template the way I want it. I'm impressed by the archive importing tool. Hopefully I can get it to work, and get it up on my actual hosted domain. Wouldn't that be cool? Just the way I want it.

No more knitting progress to report since this morning. Haven't had time at work. Man, I'd love to finish some projects this week, but I don't know if it's going to happen. I'd especially love to finish the koigu socks, but I have quite a way to go, depending on how long I decide to make the cuffs. I need to make some more mousies, too. I made 2 already, but haven't stuffed them, and they got lost in the move. Drat. Ur, Dmouse?
I've been on a U.F.O kick lately. I've been thinking of all the things I've started and I'd like to finish, like my Aspen sweater, and my Koigu socks, and the red/black RockStar scarf I'm making for Morgan in Korea. I'm also WAY into getting Christmas presents started...I'm 1 skein into the diagonal scarf, and I started Roxanne out of some Hip-Hop I got on sale. Let me tell you - Hip-Hop does not survive ripping nearly as gracefully as Aspen.

I'm down to just the strap on Tasha, and just the strap on my water bottle holder. If I get them done soon, I can wash them up on Friday or Saturday, then sew up Tasha, and see how my felting experiment came out. I finished Jane in time for the munchkin's birthday, but, sadly, didn't get a picture, or get to see her and her mom open it. I'll send them a note begging for a picture later.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Cabling in cotton is exhausting. I'm doing the strap for Tasha, and the cable is kinda not coming out, but kinda coming out. Mostly it's due to my elementary cabling skills, and the unforgivingness (is that really a word? kinda awkward) of the denim yarn. Gaps where I don't want 'em, and squished together cables around tight purl stitches. I'm hoping that the more repeats I do, the better it will look.

Well, this Saturday is my niece's birthday, and I'm still plugging away on Jane, hoping to get it done in time. I kinda want to finish Tasha, too. It reminds me of the day before the baby shower for Madison - I stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish the little garter stitch hat I made for her. It was a sound decision, though...she still wore it when I saw her at Christmas that year. Hurrah for the stretchiness of garter stitch!

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Friday, August 15, 2003

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Aw man, I'm cranky today. Broke one of my size 6 plastic straight needles. I love plastic and bamboo, and lately it seems like everything I want to make is using size 6 and 7 needles, and with Tasha, I can only use plastic since it stains the bamboo. Though, if the stain doesn't rub off again, shouldn't be too big a deal. I've got a whole bunch of Tasha parts laying around. I don't think it will be done by my deadline of tomorrow. Oh well, I'll just have to wash it somewhere else. It will be annoying, but I'll survive.


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* free kureyon felted bag pattern

* on Elann - Sonata Print, Purple Swirl

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I *heart* Wendy's new project, Maximilian. So I went to check out Virtual Yarns, and found this scarf, that I love - Grosvenor. Love this children's vest, and Widdicombe Fair. I'm also in love with St. Ciaran, in that color, too.

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Monday, August 11, 2003

I am bad...ran out the other day to pick up some silk garden, and started the diagonal scarf. I like it. It's not the most vibrant colorway, but I like it just the same. I may have to make one for myself out of Kureyon. Not 100% sure who this is going to - probably just a Christmas pile. As for my other projects, well, tonight's plans are just one word...butt ruffle. Okay, that was two words. But I need to get the other butt ruffle done for Jane, so that I can finish the bottoms. I would love to have both Tasha and the felted Nalgene bottle carrier done while I still have access to my washer and dryer, so I need to work on those, too. Maybe I'll bring in the back of Tasha to work. And I have to keep cranking out those mice!

I love to be busy. Too bad I don't have enough time to knit.

I love Silk Garden colors, and I love it once its knit up, but sometimes it's rough in the knitting. I remember the first time I knit with it, I was sad at how rough it felt. "What's the big deal about this yarn?" I thought. "Sure, the color is nice, but the yarn itself isn't very nice to touch." I made a hat. And after I wore it a few times (and it got snowed on, a little) it got softer, and got a lovely sheen. Now it's very drapey and liquid. I'm hoping this scarf turns out the same way.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Hello out there in Blog-land. I have an offer to make. I have 2 packages to be sent out. One is a box of granny squares, in rainbow-y colors, out of acrylic yarn. There are probably enough to make a medium afghan. These were donated to me, and I planned to knit them or sew them together, but it just never got done. I will be happy to send this to anyone who wants them, on the condition that when (or if!) the squares ever get sewn together, I will get a picture of the resulting creation! The second package is a box of odd balls, single balls, and small selections of yarn. Too be 100% honest, it's mostly acrylic, and acrylic/wool blends. Great for a scrap project, a beginner, or a school. If no one wants this box, I'll find a school to donate them to, but I can tell you there is at least one whole ball of Sockotta, which is enough for a pair of socks, enough Wool-Ease for a pair of socks or perhaps mittens, and 3 balls of some random rainbow boucle. Fun stuff, but I have to pare down for moving. For moving details, feel free to check out my regular blog/LiveJournal. In return for this, all I ask is for a letter/email saying you got the package!

So, hope y'all have a lovely weekend, and get back to me soon, so that I don't have to throw this stuff out! I'll even pay postage! You can leave a comment with your email address, or email me at Just take out the NOSPAM.
Just some notes to myself, no real entry. Finished another mousie at work, got some rows done on the Sigma tank. Poor Berocco tank is stalled on the last 1/4. I feel bad for it, but not enough to pick it up when there is some instant gratification to be found with Tasha and mousies and bottle cover!

* Love this top, Heather by white lies designs.
* Knitter's Magazine Issue 37
* YS in RI
* Art Fibers in WA? OR?

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Finished a mouse. Well, the knitting of it, anyway. Yay work!
I'll probably braid a tail for it while I'm here, too.
Joy of joys...I brought in some Lamb's Pride Worsted and some #5 needles to work today. Cast on for a mousie, and I'm a good 60% done. I'm sooooo happy to have my knitting.

Forgot a cable needle, so tried my first foray into cabling w/o a cable needle. Well, all the pictures/directions I can find online are for a front cross, not a back cross, so it did take me some time, but I finally figured it out. Wahoo for me! It is a little unnerving to let all those loops go, but so far, so good.

I love Lamb's Pride. I want to make things from it. Maybe a hat and some mittens. And at least 2 sweaters. I love the yardage, I love the fabric, I love the way seed stitch looks in it. Maybe I'll make myself the Kitty hat, out of purple.

Oh, and Amber, I looked up the color of Cascade 220 that I started the water bottle's color number 9440 - Quatro Kauai. Some pictures are here, here and here.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I wish I had some knitting. I'm missing it this week. It's been so crazy...I'm up at 7, out the door by 7:45, and at work until 5. After work, it's home to change and pick up supplies, then over to the new apartment to work on that. After that, get home around 9, 9:30, eat, and then pass out. I don't feel like knitting at 10 pm when I'm covered in paint, sweat, and food grease.

beautiful, beautiful scarf. maybe I'll make some for christmas...

I think my new thing will be to bring some yarn to work to work on mousies on my break. I think I need some more catnip, too.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

OMG - finally found some more Cadiz! And this one is for Cadiz patterns! Ooh...this site has the best price for it.


Cadiz Patterns:
Jaeger Handknits JB08

Cadiz Yarn:
Showers of Flowers

Rowan: Winter's Tale (2 matt sweaters?)
Highland Fling
Snow Queen
Night Life
Warrior Princess
wish you were here

Road trip sometime?

Monday, August 04, 2003

started the bottoms of Jane. loooooove the butt ruffles. so cute! i find that i do love ruffles, even though the number of stitches you either start or end with are ridiculous. went to both the creative needle in amherst and Web's in northampton hunting for shiny copper yarn. found Quest at web's - it's the softest, cuddliest metallic yarn i've ever felt. also went to the amherst teddy bear rally, and saw lots of bears, and lots of bear sweaters. i don't feel the urge to knit sweaters for my bears and dolls, but i do love looking at them! i saw some sweaters made from sock yarn - very clever. the striping is perfect for the size.

it's summer, it's crazy hot, and all I can do is think about making myself a sweater, a cardigan. work is sooo chilly, and my summer-weight cotton sweaters just aren't cutting it. I'm longing for a sweater so much...considering picking up some cheapish yarn on the way home to start. Though, I do have that Aspen pullover that I started...maybe I should dig that out.

yarn wish list:
from Elann:
cotton colori
valeria di roma topacio print
pakucho cotton
Circulo Venezia
Austermann Emozione
tahki magic
emu superwash DK

Hmmm...knitting a bright orange vest out of O2? Now that's an idea.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Busy, busy, busy. Not knitting all that much, finished some Tasha parts and got some rows done on the felted-Nalgene-bottle-carrier-to-be. Still craving to finish some other projects. Things like Jenn's second sock...which I am SO close to finishing. Or Matt's first sock. But I want something else I can carry around and look at. I love bags, I just need to knit one.

I'm a little frazzled today, so I'm just going to round this out with some links.


scarf & hat patterns for kris from Lion Brand:








and lots of other free patterns

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