Monday, February 22, 2010

RE: Knitting Olympics - I can see the podium!

I'm into the decreases on Miss Dashwood, and isn't that a relief.  At a party on Saturday I managed to push through the bobble row and start on plain ol' stockinette, which watching downhill skiing and discussing a possible group ski trip for next winter.  Baby Kaylee, who this hat is for, is still comfortably parked & overdue, so it is weirdly possible that the hat might be done before she is.  Not that I would wish that on my cousin-in-law, but it is kind of funny.  Pics soon, Charlotte helped me take some this morning, but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Next up will be finishing assorted Christmas presents and ordering yarn for a new baby project & some needles for the Sam Jackson Sweater.  I need to pull out that yarn and swatch, maybe even tonight so I can place that order.  This new baby is one I am super-duper excited for, and I have a lot of projects planned for him, knitting & embroidery.  I think I'm keeping the knitting to just a hat, considering that I still owe my nephew a blanket & a sweater.  I'm also getting the urge to knit for myself, some socks and a new Clapotis, perhaps?

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