Friday, March 12, 2010

I need a better name for startitis...

I've always understood the syndrome but hated the name "startitis."  "-itis" as a suffix means "inflammation of" and I'm pretty sure I don't suffer from an inflammation of my starter.  No, I suffer from a disease of starting, a disorder of starting, I SUFFER from a DISEASE of starting, so I'm gonna pick "startopathy."

Regardless of what we call it, I've got it bad this week.  I cast on for Matt's Sam Jackson sweater and just tonight, for no reason other than the fact that I'm insane, I cast on Citron.  It started because I have this skein of laceweight Malabrigo that I started knitting baby stuff in, then changed my mind about the intended baby, then stalled out on the sweater deciding to do hats for babies from now on.  I planned to repurpose the skein of Malabrigo into something else, like a lace scarf or cowl for myself.  I spent many lovely days looking through ravelry for single skein lace scarf/shawlette/cowl patterns and bookmarked several. Citron came out and I thought it was the perfect match.  And then I started thinking about it.  My skein is a lovely light butter yellow.  Perfect for a gender-neutral baby knit.  Not so great for a warm-hued redhead to wear up near her face.  I wanted to knit Citron though, so I dove into the stash and pulled out an ancient skein of Cherry Tree Hill Cascade Lace in Fall Foliage.   I'm iffy on the yardage, because I think it may have changed over the years, but I'm totally willing to try it.  The colorway is very odd, there is a lot of yellow and brown with weird deep purple in very small (VERY small) repeats.  It's fun to knit with, and the brighter colors may be more flattering, and if they aren't, well, then I'll give it to my mom who loves yellow & fall colors in general.

Tomorrow I'm off to my only solo grown-up birthday experience in years....and I'm bringing mindless knitting for the movie/restaurant.  Gavin's Op Art - ready for his first birthday in July, perhaps?

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